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Western landlordism is oppressive, if the tenants are seized the means of production each the landlord will do the general strike for the benefit of all. Because Landlord is occupied too much work, landlords are too labourers!

Communist landlordism is the utopian. wrongthink is strongthink no system a doing perfection but it is divisive to the class consciousness to think of it. The dictatorship of the landlords emancipate the proletarians today By 2025!

and There are no genocide under communist landlordism, genocide can only in the western imperialists. it is the western media try to red scare away the chinese from the high tech world.



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IForgotToSayGoodbye wrote

Under Communism all land is owned by The People, and by The People, we mean the Communist Party Elite.
It is The People's Republic for a reason.
It is a dictatorship of The People!


emoticons OP wrote

After the revolution, The People will have the highest GDP!