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ruin wrote

Comrade, re-education camps are for soft headed social democrats.

Line those radlibs up against the wall and be done with it. We’ll paint the communal dormitories of our anarcho-communist utopia red with the blood of the fascists and individualists and the skies black with the smoke of their burning corpses.


moonlune wrote

Hi raddle, it's me, moonlune (the anarchist). As a community, we need to talk.

It feels like a youtube apology video lol.


temtemy wrote

re-education camps

Comrade, you're giving free bullets to the reactionary counter-revolutionary capitalist racist white Han Yankee anarcho-marketist Dengist Democrat Republican CCP Soviet Lava clique rejectionist revisionist police bootlicker social-imperialists. They are schools, not camps. Don't let our revolution's reputation get destroyed, comrade!


DeletedButArchived wrote

In fairness it seemed like tony was really excited about raddle and then only got a negative response. I would be pretty upset in the circumstance. I think most would. Tho I can't feel too sympathic cuz all they stuff tony said


ziq wrote

I'd love if someone mounted an e-revolution to put the red back in that frog and stifle all the cynical lifestylists. Was much more interesting for me when everyone piled onto nihilists and anticivs. Now the're the fucking establishment. So gross.


bloodrose OP wrote

I've been upset and said stupid shit, too. So I get it. I am poking fun at it in meta_ to get a laugh outta people, not to be serious.


DeletedButArchived wrote

Oh, I'm not calling you out or anything. In fact I was the one who starting thrashing Tony first. I was just curious about others feelings and I'm trying to get on Tony's good side so we can do a e revolution together


[deleted] wrote


DeletedButArchived wrote

That's what I thought too, until after things started to heat up they just left rather than continue trolling. And tofay they didnt bother responding people to troll them. They just posted and left. I thought the post today made it look less like a troll tho. So I'm only 85% sure it's a troll


Kinshavo wrote (edited )

But it is not our fault if we didn't live up to their expectations of what this "Raddle" stuff is all about.

I liked one description someone gave once about Raddle, and was more or less ”be gay do crime" all the other stuff is tangent. We have really good content tho, but you need work a little bit and dig through the forums. Even the forums they mention with concern /f/socialism and /f/communism have good stuff, so no excuse here


DeletedButArchived wrote

But it is not our fault if we didn't live up to their expectations of what this "Raddle" stuff is all about.

That's not what I was talking about tho. I was more referring to the group lol on against tony. Which I participated in for sadism reasons.


IForgotToSayGoodbye wrote

Oh sorry, you can take my site if you want a spot to plan revolution.

I started it to raise awareness of my friend, Samuel Elliott Xander, who is currently in prison, but a bunch of weirdoes started posting to it. So feel free to take control of it, and build your vangau...I mean platform.



existential1 wrote

I seriously missed the best 2 months of raddle ever.