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ziq wrote

How many times have you promised us you'll stop hijacking the site to attack your enemies with 100-comment long flame wars? How many times have I told you I don't want to have to spend my time going through and deleting it all comment by comment?

When the shit I"m having to delete is now you telling someone dozens of times to eat a bullet because no one loves them and their life isn't worth living, that's the point where I'm washing my hands of you. Lots of the people who use this side have suicidal tendencies and you have no right to trigger them all with this toxic shit. Stop posting here, you've burned every bridge now.


Allyouwantiscivility OP wrote (edited )

All praise be to civility, de Sade is obviously an example of Anarchism like ITS!

Rape apologists should clearly be met with civil discussion or else your just ruining my space where I post Reddit links all day.