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zog wrote (edited )

I was mocked for being offended when people used ableist slurs against me and as far as I can tell nothing has been done about the users who used said slurs AND mocked me for trying to address it, but checking back I can't help but notice people have literally been banned for using the same slurs one time.

The moderation culture here sure seems incredibly biased and one-sided


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

Sub rules are set by the subs themselves and have nothing to do with meta, which is for site-wide concerns.

As for meta, there's no official process and we try to do things on a case-by-case basis, but aside from obvious fascists, white supemacists, transphobes etc. (which we get quite a lot of) generally we give a user an opportunity to cease their offending actions further, sometimes will a small temporary forum ban ranging from a couple days to a couple weeks, on our discretion.

Usually repeat offenders get a permanent global ban. There's no real difference between an account ban and and a site ban. We are also able to ban people's IP.

Depending on how much energy the admin doing the work has, they will try to do the educative and informative work to help the user not to repeat the harm.

Users submitting other users for review should do their best to make their case clear, and to show that the user is breaking the terms of service. If they are not breaking the terms of service, please don't waste our time.


Tequila_Wolf admin wrote (edited )

I'm locking this thread before it further dominates this space. If people want to take this issue up with me further or alert me to something new, they can PM me directly or let us know in the meta chat. (which can be reached by following the appropriate link listed at w/chat).

In response to u/fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit, just note that calling someone a piece of shit is not in breach of the w/terms_of_service, and though I generally don't like the behaviour, it's not in the range of what admins deal with.
I encourage you to engage other users here around what constitutes participating in structural oppression if you are interested to do so.

Also I do not know where you are referring to that the user was already warned.


fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit wrote

/u/bredvinner was already warned. I think /u/hasbrochem should also receive the same warning for calling bredvinner a fucking piece of shit.

This thread:

Why not just inform both users to refrain from replying/commenting on each others posts.


zog wrote (edited )

We can't convince liberals that a word they and everyone they know uses multiple times a day in casual conversation is as bad as the r slur

Sooooo....... is this a radical site upholding a radical culture or a friendly gathering place for liberals?