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Trusted users are already able to create a forum. New users become trusted usually by posting in radical subs without seeming like trolls. Anybody can ask to become trusted if we've missed you. There's a huge list of users so we're bound to miss people. We don't tend to mark new shoplifters as trusted because the majority of their accounts are burners.

If you don't see it, there is likely something odd going on with your adblocker. (Keep in mind you can unblock ads for Raddle generally since we don't have any.) After that if anybody reading this doesn't see the option to create a forum, you might not be a trusted user; feel free to PM me and I'll review your account.

Once trusted, if you click "forums' at the top, there will be a button saying "Create Forum".

Anyway, you can also skip all that and just click here to create a forum.


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emma wrote

If you DM me details, I'll look into this when I get home.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

There are far more disgusting and terrible things talked about on this site on a daily basis.

Having a space for people to talk about their own decisions about their own bodies is ok with me.
It also seems to me that de-stigmatising and de-moralising suicide is a worthwhile thing general.

It won't become a featured forum. I recommend you use the "Hide This Forum" option.

Happy to talk about it further.


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Each of us relates to her in our individual way. I won't speak for the other admins.

I'm not sure specifically which drama you're referring to, or if you're a drama maker yourself. Based on some of what you've said you don't know what you're talking about and I'm inclined to believe you're interested in drama yourself. Erisian has been involved in a few things but can't be called the 'cause' of them in some very important cases. I don't have the time or energy to monitor people or conversations or dramas much of the time, so I do what I can when I can. I can assure everyone that it's incredibly draining to do that kind of work.

I've engaged her about how she relates to the site on multiple significant occasions, when I've had energy. I'll continue to to do so. Unfortunately I have a lot going on and I'm slow as a result.
I'm aware that some of her actions affect the site negatively.

So far as I know, she hasn't made any admin leave, and in an internal structural sense she doesn't have much by way of site power to abuse. She mods a few subs and so far as I know doesn't abuse those mod capacities.

Edit: there's evidence you are a troll, so I'm banning you and deleting your other comments/posts. I'm also going to lock this post. Other admins will be able to respond if they like.


ziq wrote

I don't think f/mediation ever really worked. Can't think of a case where one or both sides didn't end up ragequitting.

It might be more useful to do forced disengagement 1 week cool-off periods instead - if arguments are monopolizing the whole site. If one or both parties breaks the peace, they'd get a week ban.

The only problem is if the admins get involved, then we end up having everyone on both sides pissed off at us for trying to keep the peace and they all end up quitting out of spite.


lori OP wrote

Speaking of, it looks like /f/mediation hasn't been used in half a year - it clearly needs to be warmed up. Though, I suppose its difficult to do if neither party initiates, and especially if one or both don't want to participate in mediation. I just know that having fights take up nearly-100-comment threads of 4 users total and 15 threads by 2 users isn't a good solution and just results in a butting of heads until the less resilient party leaves - which isn't sustainable, especially for a smaller community like this.

I guess I'm pointing out problems without offering solutions, which is unhelpful in itself and something I try to avoid, but I'm only drawing blanks and I'm curious to hear if anyone else has ideas.