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kore wrote

added short definitions for colonialism and antisemitism, comments welcome


Splinglebot wrote

made a small edit to the definition of queerphobia which I think makes it slightly more readable


ziq wrote

Any more volunteers?


f064fb5ddb9041bc8a4cb0024 wrote

I could help with this, not now because I'm drunk, but in the near future. So, I'm getting this wrong or is this like a list of different kinds of discrimination and their definitions?


celebratedrecluse OP wrote

basically, it is meant to be an introduction to different concepts which are used in the terms of service. The ones which are most contentious or prone to misunderstanding are the different forms of oppression, imo, so I decided to start trying to define them for new users to refer to.


f064fb5ddb9041bc8a4cb0024 wrote

Yeah, I didn't even know what ableism was until someone here mentioned it, so it definitely helps. I will complete the ones that are missing then.