I fucked up again

Submitted by celebratedrecluse in meta

I was attempting to reply to this comment http://lfbg75wjgi4nzdio.onion/f/lobby/95612/-/comment/148484

with the following:

"To my great dismay, a fighting chance requires something more substantial than ShareBlue reciepts. If it didn't, the road ahead would be so much easier.

It also requires fighting, which is not at all related to the act of voting."

However, I inadvertantly deleted the OP with all replies. This was not my intention, because while I disagree strongly with the message advertised, I did not at all intend to censor their freedom to express their views on the forum since it did not violate the ToS (To my understanding). It was a mistaken click, like the last couple times.

I have done this a number of times now, and am embarrazzed. I apologize to /u/SocialistRevolution, and to the other random people I have completely accidentally deleted their content.



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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Shit happens.

Transparency threads are good though.


bloodrose wrote

In this case, they opened an account, posted a few things and then left. I doubt they'll be back to notice.