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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote (edited )

As radicals, this should be a deeply troubling time for all of us. We, as a community, let marginalized and vulnerable people be attacked in what is supposed to be a safe space. We let troubling and abusive behavior essentially run amok. Let this be a learning experience for us. Listen to those most affected, and really engage with it, no matter how that threatens our own egos, ideals, or stereotypes.

As far as the specific things that our trans comrades have proposed:

  1. less leniency with users like /u/mouse* and /u/mao* expending fewer warnings before banning those fuckers, temp bans when they start showing troubling behavior, considered as skirting the ToS as well as outright breaking it

I'm all for it. In fact, I think we should codify what this means in real terms. IE - the first instance of ableism will get you a warning/explanation, the second will get you a temp ban, the third is an outright ban. The first instance of bigotry, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, etc will get you a warning and a temp ban, the second will be an outright perma-ban. This is not something we should tolerate in our space. The first instance of threatening/abusive/hateful messages is a perma-ban. I think there's more to iron out and discuss as far as specific policy goes, but let's figure out what this should be an implement it.

  1. action against f/shoplifting, preferably removing the forum and migrating what’s useful, such as the guides to f/illegalism, the common goal of trying to achieve an environment where radical ideas can flourish is more important than giving home to people who inadvertently work against capitalist interests (cf. Fascism which was initially anti-capitalist in nature); f/shoplifting is not only not helpful to this but actively works against it thus hindering this goal for a radical site such as raddle

I fully support this, and the new merged forum will need to be pro-actively foregrounded as an anti-capitalist form of praxis, not a space for random crime, and it should be actively monitored so that it stays that way. I've seen quite a few posts in there that don't fall into illegalist praxis but are simply people looking for credit card numbers or tips on burglarizing lower-middle class people.

  1. stop telling members of marginalized and neglected groups here, particularly our trans and queer comrades, that they need to be nicer/gentler/more understanding when responding to bigotry

Abso-fucking-lutely. Telling a victim to calm down should be against the TOS. Honestly, that's a reactionary response to hearing someone else's experience.


hasbrochem OP wrote

Absolutely and thank you.

Just one thing, these aren't my suggestions or proposals. This is our trans femme comrades and they have been saying these for some time now.


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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

Good thing I don't give a shit about upvotes/scores, especially when we're talking about protecting vulnerable people.


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hippiirl3 wrote

Suicide is no joke


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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

Ok, but right now it feels like you're crossing a line as well.

Dehumanizing and mocking mental health status shouldn't be our response to someone else being wrong or blind to their own privilege. Most of us have been blind to our own privilege at one point or another, many of us struggle with mental health issues, let us be firm in protecting our trans comrades, but also have some empathy in dealing with comrades who aren't where we are.