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ziq wrote (edited )

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Justified 2 weeks after the fact because of new proof:

Bandit moderator banned fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit(expires: over 907 years earlier). Reason: "make a wish"10 days ago

Not justified:

Bandit moderator banned eous (expires: over 907 years earlier). Reason: "cuck" 11 days ago

Not justified:

Bandit moderator banned marcus66502 (expires: over 1314 years later). Reason: "lol" — 11 days ago

100% Justified:

Bandit moderator banned DamnScalper (expires: over 3536 years later). Reason: "cuck" — 11 days ago

Justified after the fact:

Bandit moderator banned TitanofThieves (expires: almost 3536 years later). Reason: "fuck off cuck" — 11 days ago