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ziq wrote

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Clouds very understandable justification is that she was getting flooded with abusive pms. But that isn't cause for collective punishment or for putting "cucks" as the ban reason in the log - how are admins supposed to process that? It puts us in a really difficult position, especially since we are friends with clouds.

I later found out one of the users was sending the pms and rebanned him. Now we have more evidence showing another one of the users clouds banned might be involved and we are watching him like a hawk. But that info didn't exist when the bans were made and it still doesn't account for all the bans.

I also made clear the demodding was temporary until we resolved the mess.

What would you do of you were tasked with keeping mods from abusing their position and a mod did this? Just ignore it because you're friends? I can't bend that way. I wrote the whole tos and put the mod protections in there ffs.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I'd do what I did with you and call you on it, but then you got huffy and tried to act like a teenager was bullying your grown ass for a year and that justified the response that drove them off the site. I've shown you again and again how transmisogyny functions in spaces as a pressure valve and you continued to ignore it until things got as bad as they did for Clouds. Never mind that I dealt with the same shit for months from Mouse and you wanted me to go easy on him despite the age gap being a couple years and with significant class disparity.


ziq wrote (edited )

Mouse hates me more than they hate you because I constantly told them exactly what I thought of them every time they messed with you. I wasn't even an admin then so I feel like this blame is being misplaced.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Mouse didn't spend literally months harassing you, Ziq. But sure, he hates you more than the trand woman he stalked for a whole ass season. You still urged me to be way gentler than he deserved and if you suddenly care about temporality and that shit is different now than it was then, it blows a massive hole in this bullshit you're pulling with me considering you're weaponizing something I was working with Rose on and still had every right to resort to in that situation.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


ziq wrote (edited )

Justified 2 weeks after the fact because of new proof:

Bandit moderator banned fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit(expires: over 907 years earlier). Reason: "make a wish"10 days ago

Not justified:

Bandit moderator banned eous (expires: over 907 years earlier). Reason: "cuck" 11 days ago

Not justified:

Bandit moderator banned marcus66502 (expires: over 1314 years later). Reason: "lol" — 11 days ago

100% Justified:

Bandit moderator banned DamnScalper (expires: over 3536 years later). Reason: "cuck" — 11 days ago

Justified after the fact:

Bandit moderator banned TitanofThieves (expires: almost 3536 years later). Reason: "fuck off cuck" — 11 days ago