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GaldraChevaliere wrote

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  1. So you condone it in certain situations (and had significantly less issue then with that outcome than you do now, manipulative as always) but not in this one despite their commencement of the hostilities in the first place. That you supported it then and don't support it now that I'm not being nice to you is suss as fuck. And let's not pretend you care about the responsibilities of being an admin; it was like two weeks ago you abused your tag to push a joke way farther than it had to go bullying an underage user. Other thing about that situation is that they still were going to bat for cishets and trivializing rape, which in no way improves their position or the situation.

It's also funny that you bring it up considering it hasn't happened since, you condoned it at the time, and Rose had been helping me check myself from going straight for the throat like that even when people like this idiot deserved it. But you don't care about actual work getting done, you just care about what's suiting you in this opportunity. You're gonna do what you did when some highschooler disagreed with you and play victim.

  1. Literally everyone Clouds banned has been over transphobia, pardon me if she doesn't write out monographs on disposable troll accounts. Doing her job isn't abusing her position.

  2. It's not just because of Titan, it's because you have a history of permitting transmisogyny past the point that can be considered reasonable. I've always had to be the one to clean it up with Clouds or TW getting what I can't or I'm being too patient with myself. You've said to me yourself that "it's like you never want me to disagree with trans people" specifically because we've had this argument before about you letting shit slide or taking shit too far based on one or more parties in arguments being transfem.

  3. Nonbinary is still a wide ass umbrella that in no way makes you transmisogyny exempt. Will elaborate after clarification from n_n.