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More like We can match force with force and I am not obligated to give patience and understanding to tankies infiltrating queer spaces and trivializing rape and how it impacts queer women. Isn't it cute how you all cry ableism to win arguments because you don't have arguments of your own and you could be blown over like a dry leaf by the slightest show of hostility? Like please actually read Hot Allostatic Load. The ace brigade literally only pokes their heads in to do exactly what you're describing.


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GaldraChevaliere wrote

They reduced the issue of corrective rape, using the age old tactic of "but what about male rape!!" to divorce it from its uniquely misogynistic, lesbophobic context and to make it an ace issue despite there being practically fucking nothing on numbers or accounts of it happening to ace people and the one account anyone was able to bring up in the theead was a situation of being assumed to be gay in the first place. Which, terrible as that is, is still an outburst of misogyny rather than aphobia.