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So i just got caught up on the latest reddrama, and it looks like /r/CTH is gonna get banned. It might be cool if we could catch some of the people who will be left adrift looking for a new forum, but i think it would be best if one or two longer term raddle users were modding on the page to serve as a bulkwark against the inevitable bullshit.

There is already one person who has no post history who is asking to be modded on the forum, hence my point that we should mod someone first, before anyone else is added or people potentially come and start using the forum. Right now its kind of dead and idk if the current mod is active?

I would be down to mod the forum if others agree with my assessment and think me suited for the charge, although i think it would be ideal if we had two or more reliable mods on there. Anyone else who is interested in the job could post in this thread, and we could come to consensus on who, if anyone, should be given this responsibility.



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celebratedrecluse OP wrote

Hey, it would be excellent if those who want to be mods & there has been consensus around being modded (amongstclouds & bloodrose, right?) could be added. the forum is kind of blowing up, by raddle standards, so it would be great to have more than just me keeping an eye on things for potential TOS issues. on my cursory glances thru, it appears okay so far, but i am rather busy and would appreciate the support & extra pairs of eyes/ears/hearts/brains in executing the duties that have been entrusted to me.