Why is most of this site about anarchy? [answered]

Submitted by elyersio in meta (edited by a moderator )

I mean, I too wish for a new society to rise from the ashes, united under a fully decentralized law (if that's what anarchy could be), but I look at the forums and it's anarchy this, anarchist that, anarchy anarchy left left. What happened?


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PoisonDartFrog wrote

Reddit persecutes anarchists so they come here.

If you want the site to cover more than just politics, be the change you want to see. Bring new people here, start forums for them, encourage discussion, etc. People keep complaining there are too many political contributions, but they're always the people that don't contribute anything to the site and just complain.


jhasse wrote

Bring new people here [...]

Problem is that people don't want to come because of the focus on politics, e.g. here: https://raddle.me/wiki/history.


ziq wrote

Because it mentions reddit fascists a couple times?


jhasse wrote

No, but because of the focus on politics. Not everyone has noticed or agrees that "the rest of the web has rapidly been taken over by alt-right trolls and bigots", but it's stated there as a fact.


Pop wrote (edited )

Make it what u wanna make it about. Just don't be an asshole and you're fine

People are regularly saying they'd welcome less serious topics, and stuff to just chill and hangout with


Lenny wrote (edited )

I don't think it is really, there are a lot of anarchists here, but the site isn't specifically about anarchy outside of f/anarchism.