SUGGESTIONS for all users

Submitted by tnstaec in meta (edited )

  • Don't over-use f/Anarchism , f/Socialism , or other major forums. If something is more on-topic to another forum, then post it there.
  • Become a mod. Many forums only have one mod or no active mods. If there's a topic that interests you, ask the admins to add you.
  • If you are a mod, add links to other forums on the sidebar. This can help users navigate the site. Example: f/permaculture


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theblackcat wrote

What the site really needs is an influx of new users that are good conversationalists. There are still a lot more posts than posts with comments.


sudo wrote

I think that's because nothing really needs to be said for a lot of them. If there's a news article about some rich jackoff saying something terrible towards workers, there's not much to say to that, besides "What a prick." We're perfectly good conversationalists, when there's something to say. But yes, I agree that we need more users.


mofongo wrote

I have always thought that we need more relaxed topics as well. I would like to site to be a place where I can relax after a day of work instead of one where I keep in touch with the movement.


hotcool wrote (edited )

Totally agree. Too much negativity leads to apathy and burnout.

A mix of novelty and thought-provoking stories works for me.


hotcool wrote (edited )

We should look for opportunities to mention Raddle on the following sites:

  • Ask MetaFilter and MetaFilter Projects
  • Designer News
  • Slashdot
  • Hacker News

Obviously it should be done in a way that adds value and is on topic.

Any other sites where their readers might benefit from Raddle?


ziq_postcivver wrote (edited )

People would be more willing to post to the forums with no subscribers if the default page were /all instead of /subscribed.


sudo wrote

Yes, agreed. If the subforum that's most appropriate doesn't have many subscribers, and you're worried about nobody seeing it, post it there anyway. Having content there will attract more people.


SpiritOfTito wrote

We need local sub flairs to differentiate the site and set the tone for different subs.