Submitted by ziq admin in meta (edited )

We did this to avoid being compared to reddit and to avoid possibly having the domain seized for infringing on their IP if we continue to grow in size. I don't trust any registrar to not cave into a corporation's threats.

We're also in the process of transferring the old domain to our new (non-US) registrar. That domain will continue to redirect to the new site. We've also acquired, which will also redirect here.

The old registrar Enom sent me a legal notice because of a post here that broke US law, and it didn't sit well with me since registrars have no legal responsibility to police content. I never willingly registered with Enom - they bought out the registrar the domain was originally registered with and we were stuck with them. Now both our server and our domain are located outside the US, along with us admins.

Reddit is closed source, bloated, filled with reactionaries, owned by millionaires and has a dead warrant canary. This site has already surpassed that privacy nightmare in nearly every way, and it will continue to be a shining example of a community-run space that doesn't treat its users as IP and doesn't give a platform to fascism.

We almost went to as one of you suggested, but there were hurdles that made it impractical, including the high annual cost and the fact that .sh is owned by the UK; a nation we want nothing to do with.



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alqm wrote

Man, I love this place. This is home.


jaidedctrl wrote (edited )

Raddle, sounds kind of like a rattlesnake.
It'll grow on us all-- I guess I'll have to edit all my comments on reddit recommended that raddit, too, jajaja.


ziq OP wrote

Check out the dictionary definition. It literally means to 'dye something red'.

So raddle me - dye me red.


hotcool wrote (edited )

raddle (rădˈl) v. To twist together; interweave. n. Variant of ruddle

Yeah, that works.



ziq OP wrote (edited )

That's awesome too.

a red iron ore used in dyeing and marking

mark or paint with raddle

a red variety of ocher, used for marking sheep, coloring, etc.

to mark or color with ruddle.

And from google:

raddle ˈrad(ə)l/ noun noun: raddle

another term for reddle.
    a block or stick of reddle.

colour with reddle.

"a device which holds a colour marking device on rams in lieu of raddling their breast wool with colour"

jaidedctrl wrote (edited )

Ohh, that's really rad-- now the name's really growing on me!


[deleted] wrote


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Couldn't find a black dye pun, sadly.


zod wrote

I'm assuming someone got reddits source from when it was open, and created a clone. You know the type "come on guys lets all move to this new thing, it'll be awesome without -the man- controlling everything". Ironically, people stealing reddits source to make a clone is probably exactly why they decided not to be open source anymore.

OMG the ignorance. It burns my eyes.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


zod wrote (edited )

Maybe that bootlicker should yell at reddit for stealing hapless volunteers hard work and making it closed source. Instead Ser Licksbootsalot accuses you of stealing when all you did was write an entire social media portal from scratch and gave it to the world to do with as we wish with no strings attached.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

Alright. Thanks for doing the work.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Btw, in the event that we go decentralized in the future, I could pass the other domains, and to others that want to run instances.


sudo wrote

Will the source code on gitlab still be called raddit-app, or will that have its name changed, too?

Also, does this mean we can doxx nazis without worry now?


Defasher wrote (edited )

That thing was fucked up mate. No one should be messing with relatives of reactionaries, they're not responsible for the actions of their parents.


sudo wrote

Agreed; I meant for those who actually deserve it.


000 wrote

I have an 11 year old Reddit account that I created when Digg started going to shit. Now Reddit has gone to shit. Viva Raddle!