Submitted by theheart in meta (edited )

/u/amongstclouds has started literally just copy-pasting the same line and spamming it in multiple threads, which is especially highlighted by the end of 'VV' for the latest one (in the archive, at least, rather than overall).

This is the second set of spam comments.

This isn't a call for a ban or something, but for the spam to be addressed.

EDIT: The spam has continued in this thread. /w/terms_of_service says that mods must remove spam. It's self-described spam so this should be open and shut.



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ziq wrote

EDIT: The spam has continued in this thread. /w/terms_of_service says that mods must remove spam. /u/ziq ?

Okay. Really don't want to deal with this my first week back, but no other admin is online so I guess I have to make a decision and prob piss off everyone in the process.

I'm locking all the threads and cleaning up the bickering. Will post archives of each thread before I delete comments. Will unlock them in an hour when everyone has moved onto other things.


Fossidarity wrote

I'm online, I just don't know what to do. I didn't consider locking threads but I support it.


theheart OP wrote

Sorry for dragging you in. I wouldn't want to deal with it myself either, but it didn't seem anyone else was around to.


JayGrym wrote

It is annoying, especially on mobile.


rot wrote

I don't like booting people but I'm gonna support it if she can't calm down


ziq wrote

Calling her a preschooler doesn't help.


rot wrote (edited )

her & betterletter are throwing a fit all over your site so ¯\__(ツ)__/¯


betterletter wrote

my inbox has been filled w amongstcloud's c+v spam shit all day


ziq wrote

You started all this drama, kid.