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During my short time here, I made an ass of myself. I started fights, didn't back down, accidentally misgendered someone, and went on a spree of what is essentially harassing green anarchists. I understand if I am not wanted here, and I apologise for everything.

However, I have still been lurking, occasionally, and upon digging deeper into the history of the site, have had my view of what Raddle is completely shifted.

I don't want to bring up old drama that I was not involved in out of context, but I sort of have to for this next bit. I have discovered that at least 3 other accounts besides "ziq" themself all belong to one person. Supposedly the other admins have multiple accounts too. Some of the biggest forums on the site boast 1-2000 subscribers, yet the top posts only have about 50 upvotes. I can't help but believe there is a bit of deception going on here, as well as manipulating conversation through persona accounts.

Raddle was supposed to be an escape from the beuracracy of reddit, as I understood it. An even more radical, satirical, nihilistic anarchist meme page than reddit would allow, with a shoplifting forum and news discussion to boot. Good stuff.

But how many users are really here? Is this just a circlejerk for 15 admins and their alts? Raddle seems completely centralized in the hands of a 3-5 different admins. I could be wrong, but frankly I'm just confused.

Reading old threads I have never seen so much infighting, drama, and near collapses of a community as there is here. It's frankly ridiculous. Why can't everyone stick to one account? Why were excuses being made?

Idk how to finish this. Raddle just seems more like the clubhouse for ziq and their friends rather than what could be gained from other forums... Even if other forums don't deplatfrom as effectively as the mods here do. Idk



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existential1 wrote

I'm sure ziq and the other admins/mods can speak for themselves. But I would say that I've yet to see a situation where someone wanted to start a community, or become a mod, who was denied the opportunity to do so. To me, Raddle is a lot more intimate than r/whatever.

Where you seem to see a small group of mods, I see a lot of people who are missing out on the opportunity to join Raddle and become them. It's the difference of being a mass-media thing and a taste-making thing. I actually enjoy seeing the same users all over the place in different forums, it feels like a community instead of a site full of topical-meme-name users.


foggymorn wrote

It would be ever so /u/curious if someone complaining about users having alts were using alts himself.

But you said you "don't want to bring up drama", so there's no way you would ever do something like that......


mouse OP wrote

so much for security culture I guess

You guys doxxed my alt account... If you care so much, why don't you for your own and ziq's alts while you're at it?


GaldraChevaliere wrote

How does "concern-trolling closet case" sound for you? Being enby doesn't excuse your consistently fucking awful behavior. Like, I'm happy for you cos. It's hard to accept that about yourself. Your immediate next move should be assessing how you interact with gender and how you still participate in and benefit from transmisogyny.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

You know what the difference between you and Ziq is? Ziq got called out for their bullshit, admitted they were wrong, took a break, and apologized to most people they'd hurt when they came back. They ceded most of the hard and soft power they had over the site to others and got to work on themselves. They didn't make a fucking string of pity posts demonstrating a lack of self-awareness or willingness to change how they were treating people.


mouse OP wrote

Okay. This makes sense.

Look, I may be back one day, maybe with this account, maybe not, and try to be better. I know you all don't really want me around as I currently am.

Until then, I would like to apologise to you particularly. I'm sorry for... Really everything. I'm sorry. Logging off now. My intention was never to troll or be a reactionary.


foggymorn wrote (edited )

Why don't you just admit what you tried to do here? It couldn't be a clearer case of concern trolling. It's insulting that you lie to our faces. "I don't want to bring up old drama", really?


mouse OP wrote

I wasn't trying to push any agenda through "concern trolling". I don't even know what that means (or didn't until I read the wiki). I have no alterior motives


mouse OP wrote

Over the u/curious incedent, from my understanding, people were upset at me for downplaying the hurt caused by a transphobe in favor of asking Galdra to not use slurs/KYS.

They are upset at me for needlessly mocking/strawmanning primitivists through memes.

They are upset at me for speaking out of line on trans and sex work issues. All of that I understand.

I have no anarchists/leftists that I talk to apart from the reddit sphere. My understanding of anarchy has come from reddit. I know that many of you consider reddit toxic and liberal/apologetic. That is where my anarchist education has come from, along with books much older than myself, leaving me unknowledgeable about some subjects. I also abstain from social media and do not interact with other leftist LGBT folk often. I was and am learning. I know my mistakes. I have apologised to Galdra on every occasion-- I do not often see eye to eye to her, but will never again speak down to her (or speak of "concerns").

Lurking through old threads did leave me wondering about Raddle, but again, I was not there. I just wanted to know what was up with the alts. And yes. I made one myself. I made it because I wanted to be seen as my "true self", moving on from the cishet label mouse had, as I recently discovered within myself that it is not who I am. But I was still an asshole. If I ever post on raddle again, it will be in a much more controlled, quiet, and respectful manner. I do not want to make anyone unsafe.


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

If anyone's interested, insofar as I use throwaways/alts, I do it because

  • I need to protect my identity.

  • I recognise that my opinions don't just come from an individual to some people, but from an individual who is an admin. So especially in order to avoid inhabiting authorititative positions I will do that.

  • I often don't have energy to give as thoughtful and structured a reply as I would like, and would rather an alt did it.

  • Here and there it's helpful to move conversation forward.


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

this is my only account -shrug-

insofar as the gap between subscribers & upvotes, it is actually a tighter gap than most subreddits. 1000 subscribers and 50 upvotes is off by a factor of 20, whereas on most subreddits you see a differential of about 100-1000 subscribers to 1 upvote for the top posts. For example, about 100,000 subs on r/anarchism, but usually posts get about 500-1000 upvotes.

This is due to the principle of scaling in online communities. for every content contributor, there are typically far more people that only upvote stuff, and in turn there are vastly more people who only have an account/subscribe, and even more lurkers. It goes up by order of magnitude with each of these tiers, and raddle is no exception to this rule. It's just how forums work online.

so I think you're wrong about your suspicions. maybe some of the admins have alts, whatever, but the ratios on raddle that you refer to are vastly better than those of mainstream online communities like reddit.