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celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

this is my only account -shrug-

insofar as the gap between subscribers & upvotes, it is actually a tighter gap than most subreddits. 1000 subscribers and 50 upvotes is off by a factor of 20, whereas on most subreddits you see a differential of about 100-1000 subscribers to 1 upvote for the top posts. For example, about 100,000 subs on r/anarchism, but usually posts get about 500-1000 upvotes.

This is due to the principle of scaling in online communities. for every content contributor, there are typically far more people that only upvote stuff, and in turn there are vastly more people who only have an account/subscribe, and even more lurkers. It goes up by order of magnitude with each of these tiers, and raddle is no exception to this rule. It's just how forums work online.

so I think you're wrong about your suspicions. maybe some of the admins have alts, whatever, but the ratios on raddle that you refer to are vastly better than those of mainstream online communities like reddit.