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mouse OP wrote

Okay. This makes sense.

Look, I may be back one day, maybe with this account, maybe not, and try to be better. I know you all don't really want me around as I currently am.

Until then, I would like to apologise to you particularly. I'm sorry for... Really everything. I'm sorry. Logging off now. My intention was never to troll or be a reactionary.


foggymorn wrote (edited )

Why don't you just admit what you tried to do here? It couldn't be a clearer case of concern trolling. It's insulting that you lie to our faces. "I don't want to bring up old drama", really?


mouse OP wrote

I wasn't trying to push any agenda through "concern trolling". I don't even know what that means (or didn't until I read the wiki). I have no alterior motives