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GaldraChevaliere wrote

Reply to comment by mouse in So how much of raddle is "real"? by mouse

You know what the difference between you and Ziq is? Ziq got called out for their bullshit, admitted they were wrong, took a break, and apologized to most people they'd hurt when they came back. They ceded most of the hard and soft power they had over the site to others and got to work on themselves. They didn't make a fucking string of pity posts demonstrating a lack of self-awareness or willingness to change how they were treating people.


mouse OP wrote

Okay. This makes sense.

Look, I may be back one day, maybe with this account, maybe not, and try to be better. I know you all don't really want me around as I currently am.

Until then, I would like to apologise to you particularly. I'm sorry for... Really everything. I'm sorry. Logging off now. My intention was never to troll or be a reactionary.


foggymorn wrote (edited )

Why don't you just admit what you tried to do here? It couldn't be a clearer case of concern trolling. It's insulting that you lie to our faces. "I don't want to bring up old drama", really?


mouse OP wrote

I wasn't trying to push any agenda through "concern trolling". I don't even know what that means (or didn't until I read the wiki). I have no alterior motives