[POLICY] Suicide Goading

Submitted by bloodrose in meta

So, on Christmas I asked a user not to tell another user to kill themselves. I realize now I should have checked with the community about how we feel about this. While saying this may or may not be a dick thing to say, should we actively police against it? Is it tone policing to restrict the language and therefore lame? Is there merit in saying it may be too triggering? Or should we wonder about any legal ramifications of such language? Thoughts?



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Freux wrote

I think the problem is mostly about someone not targeted by the goading being indirectly hurt by it?


alex wrote

yeah i do worry about this actually


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't know much about this. It would be nice to hear some arguments, especially from people who have a problem with it.

My intuition for the moment is that we don't need a general rule about this and if specific forums want to take on rules they can do so autonomously.


rot wrote

suicide goading should be reason for a ban if a user is persistent. there are better ways to get rid of someone. especially nazis, just ban them immediately as u/Fossidarity said.


alex wrote

nazis (and maybe trolls?) i’m ok with. otherwise i’m against. i don’t really see any of it though so that’s good


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

Suicide goading literal nazis that come here to harm users is OK imo I don't think there should be a sitewide interdiction on it either.

Maybe we could add a bot that reacts to suicide goading /jk

I don't feel too concerned by this subject so don't put too much weight on what I say either.


Fossidarity wrote

I don't think literal nazis should be suicide goaded but instead banned immediately. The problem with suicide goading is not the one you're targeting but other people who might read it.


smolcat wrote (edited )

unfortunately people with severe mental illness who might be triggered by that kind of talk aren't really in the forefront of these folks' minds.

oddly though they should be but yet they aren't. i'm kinda floored a "radical" platform has to have this discussion