Submitted by alex in meta

I'd like to mod f/Man . There's no current mod and while it's a small forum, since it deals with masculinity I feel that a mod (even if it's not me) should be in place should it grow larger or a certain topic becomes contentious.

though i just discovered this forum a couple days ago, it is something that interests me



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rot wrote

Might want to consider someone who has been on f/man for longer.

although, the forum doesn't have many posters and I forgot I was even subscribed so if no one else wants to why not?


alex OP wrote

yeah i should've written this differently. should've said "f/Man should have a mod and if no one else wants to i'd be interested." thanks to whichever admin made me one (probably /u/Fossidarity)


Fossidarity admin wrote

Granted, a moderator is better than none.


drfuzzyballs1996 wrote

I dont't browse this place a lot but I plan on doing it more. I think I could mod as well but I should warn you I have a busy schedule and views that might rub some folks the wrong way.


Fossidarity wrote

I would like to see some content/comments from you first before allowing that, it's not a well commented forum anyway so that many moderators aren't necessary.