Submitted by ziq in meta (edited )

Recently in f/shoplifting, users complained that languagebot was a little overzealous and asked that it be banned. A mod banned the bot, and the user who made the thread then deleted the thread.

Then an admin unbanned the bot; asking that it be discussed further before resorting to a ban.

Since the original thread got deleted by its OP, here's a thread to discuss how to proceed. Should mods be able to ban bots from their forums?



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extremecouponing wrote

As a newbie, I really appreciate languagebot and don't think it should be banned. All it does is make people consider how their words might hurt others, and it's educational too imo. I never considered that "stupid" might be ableist language, but now that I've thought about it, I agree with languagebot and I'm gonna try and refrain from using that word. It would be different if it banned people for those words, but it seems like much more of an educational tool than anything. Keep languagebot!


ziq OP wrote (edited )

I think they should be able to manage their forum the way they want. The bot keeps responding to "blindspot" so they should be able to ban it just as bots get banned for making multiple identical posts in other forums. I don't think admins should be micromanaging them unless they're violating the tos.


Cheeks wrote

The kind of Bots in question should only be able to be banned based on consensus from the entire forum, period. Modifications should be welcomed and expected when it comes to triggers. Blindspot is entirely acceptable IMHO but we are a global community and need to respect the possible interpretation as some something plausibly different.

My vot le is NO to mods being able to ban bots outside of it being through community consensus.


Faolinbean wrote

I don't think mods should be able to ban bots we've put here

Spam bots, go for it


theheart wrote

Yes. Forums should be able to remove what they find appropriate, as long as they aren't violating ToS. Languagebot, despite being a noble idea, is obnoxious and works badly.