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zzuum wrote

When and why did shoplifting become so popular?


this_one wrote

I believe the shoplifting subreddit being banned was a contributing factor to a bunch of them moving. I'm not if there's any reason they moved here, in particular though.


Fossidarity OP wrote (edited )

I remember someone talking about /f/shoplifting overtaking the rest of Raddle, I was a bit skeptical at first but looking at these graphs convinced me.


ziq wrote (edited )

It recently overtook f/anarchism on the /forums page.

EDIT: And f/memer too, just now.


Fossidarity OP wrote

I don't know how to get more than 8 colors in GnuPlot, I'm kinda new to it, here is the .gp file if somebody feels like helping:

set term png size 2000,1000 noenhanced
set output "../output.png"

set datafile separator ","

set title "Forum activity"
set xlabel "Date"
set ylabel "Comments per day"
set grid
set autoscale
set yrange [0:120]

set timefmt "%Y-%m-%d"
set xdata time
set format x "%m-%d"
set key outside

FILES = system("ls -1")
plot for [data in FILES] data u 2:3 smooth sbezier w lines title data lw 2