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We've been talking today about a way to make it easier to facilitate/find discussions, one solution that came up and seems popular would be to have a way for people to see recent comments. already exists, but it seems that the only way to access it is to manually enter the url.

I just did my first ever real dive into the Postmill code. It is a lot, I have never done php or whatever else Postmill is in and it has been a while since I have done any coding at all.

The only thing that I feel comfortable modifying (in terms of coding ability but also time) is the site navigation bar, to include "Comments" alongside "Forums" and "Wiki"

I'm sorry that this is such a hacky/not slick solution but I realllllly think it could be helpful and like I said it's the only thing that I feel like I know how to code properly. If someone else wants to commit to writing a more robust solution then be my guest, but at the exhortation of the Postmill maintainer and the administrators of this site I am offering to code something myself that is within my capability instead of asking someone else to do it.

This is all with the assumption that the Postmill maintainer will accept this idea, not sure it's really worth forking the whole project just for this ;P



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

I support this; my only reservation is aesthetic, but I think it's ok.