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Hyolobrika OP wrote

Reply to comment by ziq in I have an idea by Hyolobrika

Nothing there refutes my points. Also, it uses 'rationalism' to mean 'moderation'. Which is not what I meant AT ALL. Well, if it isn't then it's not making the slightest bit of sense.

But seriously though, how are we supposed to do discourse at all if we don't accept the most basic foundations of thought?


ziq wrote


Smug dogwhistles, ableism, suicide goading and doublespeak aren't 'points'. You can leave now Captain Rationalism. Take your creepy pseudo-intellectual superiority complex with you.


Hyolobrika OP wrote

| Smug dogwhistles, ableism, and doublespeak

Where? Dogwhistles to what?

| suicide goading

You mean the one in response to the 'rope to hang myself' comment?
I don't really understand why I started getting attacked after I responded to that. Did I misunderstand somehow?