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heckthepolice wrote

As far as I know, it would be fine to post in Spanish. I don't think there's any rule against it, and we do have some examples of non-English languages on here (like on f/esperanto). Of course, English is the most widely spoken language here, and I don't know how many raddle users speak Spanish, so there's likely to be a language barrier. One idea would be to create separate Spanish-language (sub)forums: either one unified Spanish-language forum (f/espanol) or Spanish-language versions of existing forums (so you could have f/noticias, f/anarquismo, f/musica; whatever you want to see Spanish-language discussion of).


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Split boards might be a good idea, since it wouldn't seem as marginalizing by restricting the tongue to just one place and would encourage a spanish speaking sub-community to spring up.