[SUGGESTION] Add relevant wiki information to forum sidebars

Submitted by martasultan in meta

I don't think everyone would look through every wiki page, so its probably a good idea to implement the relevant information to each sub (and would minimize posts asking something that's already on the wiki)

/w/Anarcho_Communism -> /f/Anarcho_communism

/w/Anarcho_Primitivism -> /f/anarcho_primitivism

Relelvant /w/chat links to their respective subs (/f/satanism, /f/armedleft, /f/politics, /f/history, /f/anime, etc)

/w/Fascism_Know_Thy_Enemy to /f/FascismRising

/w/List_of_Free_Online_Libraries to /f/books

/w/OnionIndex to /f/onions

/w/Historical_Resources to /f/history

/w/Rojava would make sense to /f/Rojava, though I'm not sure if that one's up to date, I think /w/Rojava needs a check.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Sounds good. I won't be able to do it immediately but I can get round to it if nobody else can manage.


martasultan wrote

Doesn't seem like anyone's managing quite yet, hate to bother.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I did a minimal runthrough of all - it could look better but at least the links are there.

Hopefully we get mods for these forums who will take on those tasks.