How does a forum becomes featured?

Submitted by lookin4 in meta

Sometimes when I want to share something with you it fits into different forums and I tend to post it on one that is on the featured list, because I want some attention (otherwise I simply could keep it for me and no longer participate in link aggregation and only write/react to self posts)

But I realized I have no idea how the featured forums list is arranged. Is it static or in some way depended on the activity inside? If its static, I think its kinda questionable, but on the other hand I can imagine it is not easy to write an algorithm. So please don't read this post as a blame, but a question.

When it is possible to feature less actively forums by posting over there and do cross-posts on other related forums and it is not seen as spam by the community and the Raddle "mechanics" I would do it that way in the future.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Every once in a while somebody checks in and people offer changes and we make some of them. If you want to suggest something is added or taken out feel free to do so, maybe with a proposal in in this forum.

Generally voting won't completely decide on forums. Same as how it is not possible to vote away the terms of service, we likely wouldn't allow anything to be voted into the featured forums. Importantly also, I wouldn't be willing to remove certain featured forums. So realistically it'd come down to a combination of the admins' idea of what the site is about, the ToS, and votes.


ziq wrote

The admins decide. Typically any general (books) or popular (acab) forum is added to the list by them.


lookin4 wrote (edited )

Aha. Are there plans to develop and implement an algorithm? Or to vote on the forums that should appear there? Maybe it could be done via a bot (weekly voting threads) and automation (writing the results to the database/place inside Postmill-files).

But as this may be a lot of work, in the meantime it would be helpful when the list has a public known history to know how and when it was last updated.