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rot wrote

Sure why not? if f/A needs more


gone wrote (edited )

I'm very impressed with them. They're down to earth and not condescending at all, perhaps more on the communist side than the anarchist side, I gather, but intelligent, passionate, willing to learn and grow, and not classist in the least from what I see.

I'm in major asshole mode atm, so everybody's faults appear much larger than they actually are.

Agreeing with you 100% on this one. :)


ziq wrote (edited )

No, they're not communist according to their profile. The username is deliberately ironic.

They talk about their politics here:

We already have an ancom/fem on the f/@ mod list (faolinbean), an anti-civ (tnstaec), and me (green nihilist), so a post-left anarchist would be a great addition.


gone wrote

Thank you. I hadn't seen that, just some posts that I obviously misunderstood as more Marxist than my own whim-of-the-moment explorations.

That was my only reservation. As far as "people skills", I think they will be a major asset.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I mean, if they're fine with it I'll just mod them, I don't think we need a vote :)


PerfectSociety wrote (edited )

Hi there. I appreciate the thought from both u/ziq and yourself. I'm certainly interested, but I would prefer if there was a vote because I want to make sure I have the community's approval. Thanks! :)


Do you guys usually wait a day for voting or more?