How is shit like this remotely productive in terms of promoting Raddle, building a community, or encouraging newcomers to this site? imgur.com

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Here is the post where I voluntarily insert myself into drama because I'm apparently a masochist with too much free time. So go ahead and call me a clueless enabler of abusive behavior/trolls or heck, claim that I'm a sock puppet for one of the redditors you've been replying to and IP ban me.

I don't particularly care who is in the right here and I (like many other people) am not aware of the history/conflicts between certain people in niche internet communities. I'm not addressing the content of these posts or delving into past conflicts/abusive behavior that have apparently been happening between folks. It's incredibly fucking baffling to see these kinds of interactions play out on a public forum without any context for outside observers to gauge what's actually going on. I understand the internet is never a "safe space", but this is the worst kind of PR imaginable for a site that's supposedly trying to attract newcomers and build a community. I sure as shit don't feel comfortable using this site anymore and yeah, I know none of you give a fuck.

Hell, if we want to approach this from an internet edgelord perspective, this is the worst kind of way to respond to shitty people who've been/are being abusive towards you. Silence is infinitely more effective. Replying with smarmy shitposts is too. But emotionally unhinged attacks against other people with extremely hateful, paranoia-tinged language is accomplishing... what exactly? You've created an extremely negative first-impression of Raddle to potential new users from /r/anarchism. You've made it incredibly easy for trolls to attack you. Just like I've made myself vulnerable here instead of taking the easy route by masking everything with ironic detachment.

I don't know why I wasted my time writing this shit.

"goddamn I hate this hive of scum and villainy

all the twofaced hypocrites that I got banned several times from here for saying and doing the most fucked up things, all ganging up on me with their shiny new alts to accuse ME of being a fucked up pedo rapist. motherfuckers

do you people ever get a life? It's been 6 years of this shit. I left meta, I stopped getting your asses banned for the shit you do, so fucking leave me alone."

"oh noes a reddit user with more than one account, what a moral outrage

human garbage"

"seriously, go fuck yourself for deliberately propping up this lying troll accusing me of being a rapist and the usual r/drama lies. You're a garbage person and you were the shittiest mod this sub ever had. brocialist lowlife."

"stfu lying piece of garbage with your 2 week old account"

"rape threats? you fucking lying scumfuck...

and what conspiracy are you on about? go back to r/drama nerd."


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ziq wrote (edited )



And he sent even worse suicide goading to faolinbean for weeks after she banned him for trying to get enkara to commit suicide.

I don't need to justify what I say to that piece of shit to anyone. He's been following me around calling me an abusive psycho and other names for years when all I did was argue with him in metanarchism because he didn't want to ban racists and misyogynists from r/@.


ziq wrote (edited )

because you were trying to promote the site, you should know that every time you do it the thread will always get vindictive brocialists in it that have a 3 year old beef with me for exposing their bigotry on lwse. It's sadly unavoidable, these people have the worst politics imaginable and they live to create disarray and sabotage actual radical projects. I'm sorry I dragged down your thread by responding to them, but I can't help it when they're calling me a rapist and a psycho for literally no reason other than to attack my character and use it to spread doubt about raddle, a site I founded. These are some of the absolute worst people you could ever have as stalkers, they literally try to get trans women to kill themselves, they're absolute lowlifes.


MichaelPemulis wrote

Wow, these people are clearly fucked up. I didn't make the promotional thread by the way, just observed it unfolding. Why not just post these screenshots (or don't reply to the trolls) every time they start trying to slander you? It seems they're just trying to get you to take the bait and play their sick games on their turf. It's always going to be a losing battle if you do that imo.


ziq wrote (edited )

I'm gonna stay off reddit because I always take their bait and it turns ppl off to raddle when I fight them like that. I can't help myself when I'm being attacked.

I can't use screenshots because they cycle through accounts and I have no way to prove its them. But anyone that knew them on metanarchism when they feuded with me for years can easily recognize their voices / talking points.


MichaelPemulis wrote

Thanks for the replies. Although my post reflects how I was feeling at the time when I saw this Reddit stuff, in retrospect I don't appreciate my shitty tone. You are clearly making an effort to engage with me in a thoughtful, mature way and I appreciate that.

But Ziq... you can always help yourself when you're being attacked like this. Don't let anyone - especially not some anonymous internet goons - have the kind of power over you that makes you feel as if you can't protect yourself from abuse. When you frame the issue in language like "I always take their bait" or "I can't help myself", you're mentally setting yourself up for defeat. You will always have the strength and autonomy within you to combat these kinds of provocations - that can never be taken away from you.