Qualitative and quantitative growth of Raddle with Wiki-enhancement

Submitted by lookin4 in meta (edited )

Maybe some of you read my post about Anarchopedia in f/Anarchism, if not, here's a short summary:

I think the idea and content of the project is really great, but unfortunately it is widely abandoned. Only very few people still know about it and contribute to it.

For the quantitative and qualitative growth of our community, namely it's user base and the interaction in the forums, it would be a great opportunity to enhance the current Raddle-Wiki by hosting and installing MediaWiki, DokuWiki or similar and give old and new content a decent home.

As mentioned in "A word on feature requests" (even if it refers to Postmill) I am willing to volunteer in this experiment, and if needed or wanted I can assist as a Sysop and help with administrative tasks.

Please share your thoughts on this, do you see a need? Would you contribute to it? Do you have any questions? Dear /u/Fossidarity, /u/GrimWillow, /u/Tequila_Wolf maybe you can provide us some info and tell if the server meets the the technical requirements? That'd be great. Thanks.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I like this kind of growth and encourage you to explore it!

I think there's already been talk about upgrading postmill's wiki capacities - emma might see this and reply but the best place to get answers would be in the chat for postmill, which you can find linked at w/chat. You two coming up with a collective solution to this could be great :)

ziq probably knows the server details, emma might also - I don't.


lookin4 wrote

Thanks /u/Tequila_Wolf & /u/ziq!

By the way: I contacted "Millosh"*, asking them if they can offer us some database dumps. The ones once offered to anyone are no longer available. See here...

(* Millosh's a Wiki admin ("sysop") like many other users on-site, but as the suspected founder according to Wikiindex they have probably access to the server.)


ziq wrote (edited )

emma has talked about upgrading the wiki's capabilities. I'll link her to this thread, it's good news that mediawiki uses php because the software behind raddle is all php-based.