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ziq wrote

why don't you just answer the fucking question?


MichaelPemulis wrote

Dude, you will never win with someone like redisnowgreen. They're going to (try and) antagonize until they're called out on their shit, strawman their way into a corner, and then flee with some self-righteous statement about how you're not worth replying to, that the "truth" is self-evident, etc. And they'll do this while trying to insult you/call you names which as far as. I'm concerned, is enough evidence that they have no interest in good-faith discussion. It's generic troll behaviour and the formula is painfully obvious with this particular user. I don't see any solutions outside of waiting until they get bored and leave, banning them (I'm a fan of this approach), or ignoring them.

I don't mean to undermine your replies here or anything. But I wonder if interacting with these goons is the best use of our time.