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MichaelPemulis wrote

Hey, thanks for the response!

How I interpreted your reply is that Raddle won't be making any explicit boundaries unless the content is obviously harmful towards others. And perhaps will react if there is a need to but otherwise has a hands-off approach.

As someone who was heavily involved in some druggy communities when I was younger (and not in recovery) I found there were some pretty clear patterns regarding what would and would not draw attention/legal trouble... I'm just wondering if these discussions have been had already because there can be a lot of ambiguity around things (e.g if I share research chemicals sources it could be argued that this isn't against the law, but if I start posting elaborate photo tutorials about birch reduction methamphetamine synthesis I think that could become problematic).

And I'm using drugs as the example here because:

A) I'm very familiar with the subject.

B) I think it's a good example of something that can be helpful to people (harm reduction, community support, education, etc) but also carries inherent risks. I've lost a lot of friends over the years and in my experience when someone dies from drugs and is active in a drug related community, it's very easy for things to turn into a reactionary media/law enforcement circus. "My child died because the people at [website] encouraged their use and no one did anything to stop it!"