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selver wrote (edited )

I'm pretty sure people here are cool with most of the possible illegal stuff. Drugs, sex work, theft, etc. It's a small enough site that we're under the radar anyway. People promoted the site on the subreddits that got banned recently for illegal content, ie piracy, drugs & shoplifting.

I think it would only become an issue if the site's owner was somehow threatened.

Mostly anarchists & communists on the site, so no one believes in the law.


MichaelPemulis wrote

Aye, I agree that this site is likely small enough that discussing illegal shit won't be much of a problem, but I also wouldn't want to bring unnecessary attention to an anarchist community. It might make it too easy for fascists/LEO to weaponize that against us.

I don't know... this gets more complex the more that I dissect it...

But thanks for the thoughts selver. Hope you have a good night (or good day depending on where you are).