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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

ok, I'm banning them because of the doxxing, harrassment, smear capaigning, and threats of technical attack against the site. I didn't ban them for making changes to w/chat2 because the revision history is easy to access.

ziq is not just an ordinary member, they are the host. If you were truly an ally to Anarchism, you could find better targets (read: fash) online than some Anarchist that you don't agree with. I think of ziq as being like the owner of an Anarchist bookstore. They are forced to put their neck on the line to legally hold space for Anarchism in a system owned by capitalists. They are the ones that have to pay the rent to evil landlords. The community isn't defined or controlled by u/ziq, but I think blatant attacks against them certainly should be taken very seriously. u/ziq has made mistakes in the past, and owned up to it, but the attacks never stopped.

I hesitated to make this action because I have butted heads with u/365degrees in the past, and didn't want this to be personal in any way. I wanted to believe that we could find a way to get along if we actually had some solidarity for our comrades.

After reviewing the evidence and support for the banning, I can see they are clearly intent on being a malicious force against u/ziq and the community here. I'm sad that this is what it has come down to.