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GrimWillow wrote

To be fair, the highest voted "support" was from an account that hadn't posted for 7 months.

Not saying this to dismiss the problem of users attempting to doxx and harass you, which is serious, just that "not posting for 3 months" isn't a reason to dismiss anyone's contribution to a thread.


ziq wrote (edited )

Yeah. She doesn't post much but she's done a lot for the site behind the scenes. She's a mod on reddit and has always stuck her neck out for the site. I did tell her about this thread.

She's also seen their slandering of the site first hand because she's a mod and has to deal with their trolling on reddit. Their endless attacks on the site got our link removed from r/@'s sidebar, which has directly caused us to stop getting new anarchist users, and led to much more work from the existing users being needed to keep the site alive without the constant infusion of new blood that link used to provide us.