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ziq OP wrote

Emma pointed out to me the other day that the age where people are considered legally responsible for their own actions in most of the world (criminal responsibility) is 16.

If you made the proposal and I voted for 18, I think I'd be doing it purely because of my poor experience with these particular kids, which isn't a very good reason to make changes to the ToS... So I think I'd personally have to abstain from voting because of my bias.


supernice wrote (edited )

I'm not so worried about the legally responsible bit tbh (though I see how you would be, and I don't blame you), most people here are probably on one government list or another for whatever country they reside in. My desire to raise the age limit is purely based on quality of interactions. People mature significantly between those seemingly two short years.

Since there's no way to really enforce something like that online, I guess it doesn't matter much. Just kind of sick of seeing so much petty shit going on.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

Honestly I was just as immature at 16 as I was at 18. And I'm probably about 6 years less mature now than most 35 year olds lol. Why else would I care so much what people on a website say about me.

I know better than anyone how difficult it is to deal with spited teenagers, but at the same time I'd rather these young ppl learn about politics from us than reddit creeps.

If you made the proposal it would likely pass but idk if our annoyance is a good enough reason to shut out all baby radicals. We had at least one that was a great user. /u/PainlessEphemera.

And degrees used to do a lot for the site before they found out I was Defasher and had been slandering transhumanism / supporting anticiv (as ziq I only made postciv arguments, which are much more pallatable to them).


supernice wrote

idk if our annoyance is a good enough reason to shut out all baby radicals

This is true. I guess I'm sounding a bit ageist right about now. If anyone here is offended by that, my apologies, not my intention at all.

Anyways, I'm not going to push it. But dammit, kids these (always wanted to say that!)