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ziq wrote

Any attack on me is an attack on raddle. It sounds silly but it's the truth. I have no choice but to drain my energy defending myself from their trolling. Their claims about me are used (by them) to try and kill the whole site.

Just by repeating their bullshit over and over it becomes part of the public record whether it's true or not. Like how they've convinced everyone I used to use my alts to abuse them, which is total bullshit.

And they have all their energy because they're teenagers that spend their entire day in chat rooms attacking anyone outside their support group. This is all they have to do. Online they get to be like the popular kids at their schools.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Nah, I get that aspect of it. I'm just fucking impressed that they have this much time to blow on picking a fight with you. Honestly I do think it'd be better for your health not to just engage with them at this point though if you don't have to, putting people like that beneath my notice did a lot for my own. Like, shit though. I'm usually just too tired for this shit. I'm pretty young myself, I've just got too much shit going on to have time to actively fuck with someone over months-old drama. Your alt thing was a serious problem, but you stopped doing it and afaik most folk agree you've been better? The last time I paid attention to any of this shit was in like April.


ziq wrote

I stopped using alts to speak my mind about shitty politics and now I just use this account. So from their perspective probably nothing has changed.