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supernice wrote (edited )

if they won't budge, perhaps we should consider finding someone else to host the website? That would take the heat off of ziq, and it would let us get rid of this silly rule

  1. I don't agree that it's a silly rule at all. Irrelevant anyways because it's there. If that's what's being challenged, then the discussion should be focused on that rather than if mods should actually uphold the TOS or who hosts the site.

  2. This is starting to sound more like a personal issue with ziq more than a disagreement about the TOS.

Because I disagree with that particular bit of the ToS, and I didn't technically have to do anything

  1. But it is currently part of the TOS. It's obvious that you should uphold it, if you agree with parts of it or not. There are better ways of going about changing the TOS than blatantly disregarding it.