Is there any interest in a separate autodidact/home education forum?

Submitted by noordinaryspider in meta

I have been assuming that the answer is "no" and using the pre-existing forums for parents and students, but someone who suddenly can't afford tuition or who needs to rescue a child from a toxic school environment wouldn't have the time or the energy to go on an easter egg hunt.

Staples is probably already running those "most wonderful time of the year" ads on teeveee.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I suspect you could put this stuff into f/Education just fine - also the focus of the forum could be broadened to include those things you've listed that don't fit currently. Some of it could also go into f/pedagogies. If you'd like to become a moderator for either let me know.


noordinaryspider wrote

Thank you.

Pedagogies was suggested as a more appropriate place than Parenting for some information that could be just as useful for today's teachers and day care providers as it was for yesterday's parents.

We are on the same side even though we are coming from different places.