Don't let meta turn into anarchist court

Submitted by ziq in meta (edited )

This is a preemptive strike.

In regards to this thread:


Specifically this comment chain: https://raddle.me/f/meta/36986/comment/52901

Taking our cues from liberal institutions is a bad idea. Creating 'formal', 'legitimate' processes will only serve to bureaucratize us and render us indistinguishable from the institutions we seek refuge from, while alienating people who aren't properly schooled in 'raddle-law'.

Furthermore, tackling issues that arise using pre-determined responses instead of treating each issue as unique will be an emulation of the deciding and punishment mechanisms we rally against everyday as radicals.

f/meta remaining informal is integral to raddle's wellbeing. When we start to see ourselves as an authority, when we institute overly-complicated and semantic 'formal' procedures and requirements to participate in the deciding mechanism, anarchy is lost. Having to declare a proposal a 'motion' in the title for it to count is a fine example of this.

Resist all attempts to turn our deciding mechanism into a machine. Informality should be celebrated. We're people, not formulas.


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supernice wrote

I agree. No need for any unnecessary bureaucracy. We get enough of that in the world around us, don't need it here, things are working just fine as they are.


noordinaryspider wrote

I absolutely agree as well. A bureaucracy would have slammed the door in my own face and those of other confused and/or wounded people who aren't ready to retire from a supporting if not active role in radical communities.

I cannot reiterate enough that my local anarchists were the only ones who saw value in what my local liberals deemed "useless garbage worthy only of a hand-out" and that I see that familiar empowering attitude among Raddlers.

Keep up the good work. Don't let the stress make you/us doubt y/ourselves.


sudo wrote

This is silly, and I foresee it causing big problems in the future. All I'm asking for is that we vote on issues after discussing them, instead of just going with what seems to be the majority opinion from discussion. If you don't do this, there will be disagreements in the future, when people feel like their voices are being silenced, since some people naturally take up more space in a conversation than others. Voting on issues solves these problems. Hell, I remember a few months ago when we were considering using Konsent to vote on things. Are you now against that idea, since it would be too "formal" for you? Come on.


ziq wrote

Make a sep thread, this uns dead


sudo wrote


ziq wrote (edited )

Fuck konsent btw, and all attempts to mechanize democracry. Reaching a consensus and automation don't go well together.