Raddle Doesn't Need More Meaningless Posts

Submitted by throwaway in meta

Ziq and some other administrators are drowning Raddle in new content, presumably using a script of some sort that reposts from other social media sites. 90% of the posted content is absolutely meaningless, and only serves to drown out actual human interaction.

I would personally prefer not to see the absurd amount of crap being posted endlessly. I would much rather have a few interesting posts a day with some discussion and some votes than the big mess that the front page has become.


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mofongo wrote

For a moment I thought this was about /f/memer or /f/shitpost.

I disagree, the content is quite good. Sure, the discussion is lacking, but not everyone that has something to say about it is reading it as soon as it is posted or has the time to comment at the moment.

I agree with supernice that some examples are in order, but I find it will be exception.


ziq wrote (edited )

If this site is going to survive, it needs to be broadened to appeal to more than just politics nerds. I'm posting interesting videos and images I find that have nothing to do with whatever niche-within-a-niche they're into, so I get shit for it for not conforming to their standards of what is and isn't interesting.. to them.

This isn't their personal blog, it's a collection of hundreds of disparate forums that cover hundreds of disparate interests. If they only want to read about their own interests, they can subscribe to forums they're interested in and not complain when I post things I find interesting to forums they don't care about.

It especially annoys me when people that have 3 posts total over a year try to police what I post. If I only posted 3 times a year, this site would have died more than a year ago.

Raddle is a link aggregator with an scope that includes every possible field of interest on the planet and beyond, not a clubhouse for a small group of red-flag waving politics nerds.


Copenhagen_Bram wrote (edited )

I believe this is how most popular social media gets big: it's born geared towards a specific community; then it grows and broadens its audience; at this point the admin starts making profit from it, and if the site was open source they might archive the source (see reddit.) I hope the last part never happens with raddle.

My apologies, if you feel attacked by this... I just feel like this needs to be said.


GrimWillow wrote

I don't think ziq would pull a spez, and if he did, I would be gone so fast, lol.


supernice wrote

You're not wrong about this, but in this sites case, profit is not the motive. It's just a group of people with similar interests it seems. Are we trying to get big or are we just trying to share info with like-minded folk?

I know that not all of the stuff here I'm interested in, but I don't mind having things thrown my way that don't interest me. I've actually come across stuff here that have sparked interest in things I've never known about previously. Just saying.


Amp180 wrote

Reddit did this when they were starting off to create the illusion that they had active users. I reckon it's a good thing.


supernice wrote

Example please. I haven't seen much that I would agree fits the description, but would be good to know if there's a particular post/posts you're talking about.


ziq wrote

tough shit


noordinaryspider wrote

I can't keep up today because of my own tech issues (brokeded hyperbola) but I don't personally see anything off topic or distractingly meaningless, just lots to look forward to when I unbrokeded my preferred OS on my faster lappy that actually has sound.

It seems like forking would be more productive than ad hominems.

~newbie who doesn't understand negativity


ziq wrote

Everything is meaningless.


amongstclouds wrote

Don't know why you got downvoted. Meaning is incredibly relative.

Maybe these folks need to lay off the Rand.


retiredshared2 wrote (edited )

"If Dawkins is right, and we are the product of mindless unguided natural processes, then he has given us strong reason to doubt the reliability of human cognitive faculties and therefore inevitably to doubt the validity of any belief that they produce—including Dawkins’ own science and his atheism. His biology and his belief in naturalism would therefore appear to be at war with each other in a conflict that has nothing at all to do with God." - Alvin Plantinga

"You start with a random clump of atoms, and if you shine light on it for long enough, it should not be so surprising that you get a plant,” - Jeremy England

everything that exists has a purpose. evolution is a teleological system. lower forms generally evolve into higher forms (though not always). direction implies purpose or a least goal-orientedness. life is no mere accident in our world, it is a direct consequence of the natural laws which govern the conditions which make life possible. evolution is not simply Darwinian (which Darwin himself stated that his ideas had been distorted into social darwinist ideals of 'might is right), but Lamarckian. in Vladimir Vernadsky's view, the energy from the sun is driving the evolution of the biosphere.

it's only when we become inundated with the mind-numbing effects of the culture which makes us develop these mental ruts and resort to self-defeating philosophy like nihilism.



ziq wrote

Your life is especially meaningless.


retiredshared2 wrote (edited )

Oh totally. Thanks for the quality reply! Hey you know what, just take this site down, you yourself said everything is meaningless. Your response, according to your own view, is also meaningless, so you should've saved yourself the energy and not bothered. You miserable asshole, you didn't even bother to read what I wrote or give it any thought. If you're gonna bother responding, have something useful to say or don't say it at all. With your attitude, you must have some quality friendships.


retiredshared2 wrote

My main issue is about the news posts- /u/ziq has said they just post stuff without reading it themselves, so I'm not certain what discussion can be gained from that without even the person who's posting it having anything to offer