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autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

so uh, speaking as a person who is clearly out of the loop on whatever drama you're refering to

if you think someone should be banned you should make make a specific call out directed at them articulating what they have done which warrants them being banned. A person can act abusive or destructive without explicitly breaking the rules, and you shouldn't' be afraid to hold people accountable. If there isn't some kind of procedure for holding people accountable then maybe that's something we need to work on.

But just calling somebody a "sociopathic liar" (a little ableist there) and refusing to name names is not helpful at all, maybe this person actually hasn't committed any bannible offense, and you just have some weird personal beef with them. Idfk


supernice wrote

Let's just get it out into the open. If there is a legitimate reason to ban someone, why not just say who you mean and make your case? If it is apparently bad enough to make this thread, why not have the discussion in earnest?


OldHippieChick wrote

My problem is that some of us are more vulnerable to online harassment than others. It is not always our faults. We can be aware of our fuckups and still not be able to change our behaviour because of past trauma.

I am speaking as such a person. I also have no idea who this "sociopathic liar" is so I hope I can be objective here and say that I feel safer knowing that someone has my back.

Please do not assume that we (unusually vulnerable people) are safe or know we are being played. Send us a quick, friendly private message and see how we respond. If we are being groomed, please stay in our lives and give us an alternate perspective. Please remind us that we matter and are not just "predator's friend". Please help us find our own way out of our prison and empower us to tell the predator to fuck off with our own voices.

This has been a public service message from your local confused and random internet user who is also the mother of a very sweet girl who was violently attacked for her opinions on casting an actor for a movie last night. We now return to your regularly scheduled site discussion.


Facebook wrote

Because he'll just use his alts to vote himself back in.


disfalo wrote

why can't we ban him even if hes careful and avoids breaking the rules?

Why do you assume it's a man?


rot wrote

Ziq or Dumai?

And why use a shared login to stir up shit?


selver wrote

ziq hasn't been a problem for a while, so I don't see what the problem is. They positively contribute to this site a lot, much more than you.


365degrees wrote

If we're on the same page, it's quite hard when they own the server.