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mofongo wrote (edited )

What /u/quandyalaterreux said. Possibly tor removed support for the experimental branch. Changing to stable may downgrade the tor version you're currently on.

Also remove the docker ppa. We were only using that for the experimental search feature. It also caused a site outage by running in the background and taking up all the ram available. Use top to check if it's running and how much ram it's taking.

Edit: also find out if docker is being used for anything else before removing it.


ziq wrote (edited )

anyone know if docker is used for anything else in postmill?

EDIT: I removed the ppa. If something breaks, I'll put it back.

Inputting 'top' - I do see that docker is running tho. I'm hesitant to apt remove it.


mofongo wrote

I check postmill's requirements. Docker is not needed for it to run and we have a vanilla installation. It should be fine to remove it.


ziq wrote

ok, doin it now