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Is Trump good for anarchism?

Submitted by theblackcat about 2 hours ago in AskRaddle


4 Use a bag to shoplift?

Submitted by SuperDave about 4 hours ago in Shoplifting


1 Why is the onion site different than the regular site all of a sudden?

Submitted by anonymous less than a minute ago in meta

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4 Self checkout no conceal method - Wal-Mart

Submitted by freeputdowns about 2 hours ago in Shoplifting (edited about 1 hour later)

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1 Do you support mandatory military drafts?

Submitted by ziq 20 minutes ago in AskRaddle


13 What's the Difference between Anarcho-Primitivism and Post-Civ ?

Submitted by autonomous_hippopotamus 1 day ago in Green


3 Who are your favorite contemporary Anarchist Theorists? What are some of the best Anarchist Books to come out of the last 10-20 years?

Submitted by autonomous_hippopotamus about 2 hours ago in Anarchism

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4 fuck the 4th

Submitted by GrimWillow about 3 hours ago in Anarchism (edited 3 minutes later)

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