I think the site could use another admin

Submitted by ziq in meta (edited )

/u/GrimWillow has been experimenting with Postmill and learning how to make bots and such to assist in spam removal. They're also one of the most prolific contributors when they have Internet access, have solid politics and real life praxis that would put many of us to shame.

Since they were made mod of f/news, they've been doing as much modding as the 2 admins.

There are technical things I've been itching to fix that I don't think the existing admins can handle (like the broken Firefox theme). GrimWillow could be a big help there.

Most importantly, we need a second person with server access since emma left. If I die, get arrested, etc. the site will quickly go down unless someone else also has access to the server.

So I think /u/GrimWillow should be added as an admin for:

  1. technical ability

  2. a proven moderation record (only removes actual spam, doesn't censor people they disagree with)

  3. having a history of good politics and involvement in important projects IRL

  4. not being based in the US.

  5. being someone I personally trust to give server access to.


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Dumai wrote

grimwillow seems like a super nice person on top of all this so i'll support


Cheeks wrote


But we should probably find another person as well. Someone with decent server admin skills as u/GrimWillow is only around part time.


ziq wrote (edited )

/u/surreal has offered to help me with sys admin duties if that helps. Idk if there's anyone else who is qualified?


Cheeks wrote

I'm cool with that. Surreal seems to be a stand up person. In the world of IT limited backup plans require a backup plan .


supernice wrote

Not sure if my vote counts since I'm still very new, but I support this. GrimWillow seems pretty cool to me.


GrimWillow wrote

Thanks. I can't make any promises as my ability to be involved here will be random amounts of time and I won't be able to connect for over a month or two sometimes, but I can at least lend a hand when I am able to be around.


noordinaryspider wrote

From the perspective of new, confused, damaged, and scared I would like to say that GrimWillow has been a consistently kind and helpful presence in my life since joining Raddle and I would feel very safe with them as an admin.