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jadedctrl wrote

Oh yea, I tried Netsurf a while back on raddle, too.
Netsurf's just too behind on web-standards to work with raddle— it's completely on them.


surreal wrote

well probably that's Netsurf's problem, it's not like raddle is running on experimental web tech.


retiredshared2 wrote

It doesn't work on Firefox Focus with JS off either; I think when JS is off it sometimes gets screwy, depending on the browser. Works fine on Tor, less so in Klar and Icecat.


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

yeah raddle lacks descent mobile browser support, I use it with javascript off on the tor browser without JS and it always works fine.

What we really need is a mobile app.

For now I'd recommend people just use a separate tor-browser install on a desktop just for raddle and Orfox on mobile.