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If I recall correctly, the user who we just banned, /u/Greyscalestarfield, was named /u/OKC until a couple days before said ban. Another /u/OKC has appeared, and their posting behavior seems, well, identical. If this is the same person, that's a TOS violation in of itself, for ban evasion.


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selver wrote

They have terrible opinions, and definitely argue in bad faith, but they've been pretty civil from what I've seen.


Fossidarity wrote

Well they're both banned now, so it doesn't really matter anymore if they're the same person or not.


elyersio wrote



ziq wrote

You shouldn't be rooting for a precedent to ban liberals for being annoying.


yaaqov wrote

I was under the impression that /u/OKC and /u/Greyscalestarfield could be the same person. Maybe I wasn't clear in my post. /u/Greyscalestarfield definitely broke TOS. I wasn't proposing we ban /u/OKC necessarily, but rather hoping to see if there was a way to determine that this was the same poster.


ziq wrote (edited )

There's no evidence of that. They for sure weren't called OKC previously because I had my eye on them the moment they started redpilling (2 weeks ago) and the name was /u/Greyscalestarfield.

I'd guess /u/OKC and /u/conservative_raddle_fan are a closer match, based on their writing style.


yaaqov wrote

Ah, I see. For some reason I thought OKC had changed their name. Thanks for clearing it up.


elyersio wrote (edited )

if there's something you'd like to discuss with me, I'd be happy to PM you on Matrix.

Or IRC, which is faster.


ziq wrote

As far as I can tell that okc liberal didn't actually break the tos and was just banned for annoying the shit out of people. That isn't a precedent that you want being set. As a liberal.