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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

As much as I like Anarchist echo chambers, because they are a refuge while living in a society that is a patriarchal, white-supremacist, hetero-normative echo chamber; I think u/Tequila_Wolf put it best in this comment from another thread when they suggest that the site is best to at least just be kept a safe space for Anarchists. They make a strong argument for not gatekeeping access to the site in such a way.

But having said that, I have enough conversations, discussions, debates, and arguments with statists and authoritarians irl on a daily basis, that I'm too tired to continue that burden when I'm just trying to chill out online. I like being able to come to a space and speak with others that actually "get it" for once, so we can discuss the nuances of our philosophy.

I'm also not against gatekeeping when it comes to defining Anarchism, and whether or not people fit in that description. I think that it's necessary to draw that line hard, and hold people accountable to it, when you've got "libertarians" (another word stolen from Anarchists) muddying the definition of Anarchism when they claim the existence of something called "anarcho-capitalism". Just mentioning that to Anarchists irl who haven't heard of them, they laugh, because it sounds ridiculous. But "anarcho-capitalism" is being established by a large enough number, that I'm afraid we'll end up with "anarcho-fascists" and "anarcho-monarchists" while still having to defend that Anarchism does not mean chaos to the general public.


amongstclouds wrote

I'm pretty sure those anarcho-meme ideologies are just that, memes. I wouldn't be surprised if our enemies put effort into making them seem like legitimate currents in anarchism so we waste our time trying to convince others were not bad. When we shouldn't worry about playing respectability politics.